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  2. All you need is love and nature

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  4. scottsobrien:

    tomorrow is the anniversary of the battle of hogwarts.  today, i thought i would post my tattoo and explain it’s relevance to the battle.  in the deathly hallows the dedication reads, "the dedication of this book is split seven ways.  to neil, to jessica, to david, to kenzie, to di, to annie, and to you, if you have stuck with harry until the very end,"  always is very obviously a quote from the novel as well.  snape loved lily to the very end.  no matter what.  very much like how i still love harry.  always is my response to jo’s “if you have stuck with harry until the very end.”   i’ll never turn my back on him because he has never turned his back on me.

    the glass are a simple symbol of the entire series.  harry was always the the glasses wearing boy who had the red lighting bolt shaped scar. when people think of harry in a physical sense they usually think of his glasses and scar first.  

    to me there is no greater tribute to the boy who lived then this tattoo. despite all that harry went through he lived.  he fought and won a hard battle on may 2nd 1998.  if he can keep going, then so can i.

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    Totally normal rainbow light up ice cubes.